Commission Artwork by Australian Indigenous Artist: 

Commission Artwork by Australian Indigenous Artist: 



The name Arrpwere draws from a common Aboriginal story: "First Sunrise".

Within this tale a group of Magpie birds (pronounced 'Arrpwere' by the Arrente people) worked together to end the world of darkness, lifting the sky and flooding the land with warmth and light.

The freedom, opportunity, collaboration and determination symbolised in the story stands as foundation principles of Arrpwere Consulting.  

Arrpwere Consulting was founded with a real world understanding and respect for the history of the Australian indigenous people while simultaneously building new opportunities for the future. Arrpwere employs and collaborates with a wide range of people from all backgrounds to enable cutting edge ICT systems and infrastructure across Australia (and our connected world).

Founder and Managing Director Adrian Standish has served as an Indigenous Career Ambassador with the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) and is committed to fostering the talents and opportunity for Australian Indigenous People.